Nothings says you care about someone more than a personalized greeting card. Below you can find various greeting card templates created by us.

Greeting Card Templates

Thank You Card Template

Saying thank you always sounds better when it is personal. Use this thank you card template to tell someone how grateful you are for what they helped you with. This template also matched well with the following two templates.

thank you greeting card template

Download the thank you card template here.

Valentine’s Day or I Love You Card Template

Saying I love you to someone is a personal and emotional thing. Use this love greeting card template to let someone know you love them. This card also works perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Love and Valentine's day greeting card template

Download the love card template here.

Hello Card Template

Looking to just say hello to someone or how much you miss them. Use this fun, fresh and uplifting hello greeting card template. This greeting card will put a smile on anyone face.

hello or missing you greeting card template

Download the hello card template here.

No.1 Teacher Card Template

Looking to tell a favorite teacher how great they are or how much they are appreciated? This no.1 teacher greeting card template is a good way to say thanks or how much that teacher helped you.

number one teacher greeting card template

Download the no.1 teacher card template here.

Happy Birthday Card Template

Know someone celebrating a birthday soon? If so this birthday card template is a perfect place to start to make a personalized greeting card for them. This card is cute, simple, yummy and you can change the colors easy.

happy birthday greeting card template

Download the happy birthday card template here.

Father’s Day Card Template

It can be hard to find the perfect card for father’s day. This greeting card template is a simple yet masculine and will be perfect to give to any father on father’s day.

fathers day greeting card template

Download the father’s day card template here.

Easter Card Templates

Easter is a time for chocolate, Easter egg and celebration. These two greeting card templates are perfect to slip into an Easter basket to give it a personal touch.

Easter Card Template #1 

easter greeting card template

Download number 1 Easter card template here.

Easter Card Template #2

Download number 2 Easter card template here.

We hope these templates with help get the creative juices flowing. Use these templates to guide you and help you make some amazing personalized greeting cards. All of these templates are ready to be printed using They allow you to print different images on every card  for no extra change so design as many cards as you want.

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