Business cards are one the most important ways to promote your business, service or product. This card shows the world who and what your company is and making an amazing first impression is important. You need make your first impression memorable and what better way to do this than a creative business card that makes you stand out from the rest of the pack.

In this article, I have complied creative business card templates to help your business stand out and make that lasting first impression we as business owners seek out.

Creative Business Card Templates

1. Sketched Business Card Templates

Hand sketched or sketched style designs can be fun and professional with a personal touch. Download this template here.

2. Metro Dark Corporate Business Card

This is a modern business card with a creative take on displaying the contact information. I like how this card looks profession, modern and sleek but has a bit of creativity in its layout. Download this template here.

3. Pink Watercolor Business Card

This template has a creative edge with a traditional feel. I like the creative use of the watercolor to highlight important areas of the business card without overpowering the design. This design is light and airy but still has a modern and professional feel. Download this template here.

4. Photographer Business Card

This card is a perfect photography business card to set yourself apart. The design if fun, creative and lets someone know exactly what you do. Download this template here.

5. Flat Camera Business Card

Die-cut business cards have become all the rage these days. These types of business cards are a great way to get creative and keep it professional. With this template, the contact information is creatively displayed on the front lens. Download this template here.

6. Kraft Paper Business Card

This business card template is elegant yet creative with the usage of textured paper. Using different types, textures, and colors of paper can be a great way to make your business cards creative. There are many different types of materials that can be used to print business cards. Some companies have even made edible business cards made from cookies and beef jerky. Your material options are endless with today’s printing technology. Download this template here.

7. Plastic Photographer Business Card

This is a creative and unique business card that uses thin plastic as the base of the business card. This business card is a creative way to make a great first impression for any photographer. Download this template here.

8. Photography/Fashion Business Card

This template uses photographs with a creative embossing to create a profession yet personalized business card. You can change up the photos in this template to fit just about any industry or type of photography. Download this template here.

9. Circular Business Card

Why not set your company or product apart by tossing tradition out the window and go with a different shape all together? This round business card is professional, modern, creative and elegant. This template is versatile and can be used for any type of business, company, personal promotion or service. Download this template here.

10. Paisley Patterned Business Card

Using bold patterns and colors are creative ways to get someone’s attention. Download this template here.

11. Gold and Black Business Card

Using an elegant and sleek business card that uses different textures and visual elements such as foil embellishments are creative ways to make a memorable impression. Download this template here.

12. Grunge Business Card

Using bold design themes such as grunge, steampunk and industrial can create some pretty cool yet professional business cards. Download this template here.

13. Vintage Playing Card Business Card

Adding some whimsy and fun to your business card can be creative and it can make a lasting good impression. Download this template here.

14. Aperture Business Card

Using different aperture sizes to part of an image or picture can give you a lot of creative options when it comes to business cards. Download this template here.

15. Sherry Sir Business Card

Keeping it simple and minimal is a creative way to get your point across. As the saying goes more is not always good. Simple and elegant can be just what you want your business card to say about your company. Download this template here.

In closing, a business card is a very personal thing and should fit your personality and needs. For example if your company is a high-end fashion design company then make sure this is what your business card says about you and your business.

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